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Prevailing Over Parkinson's

Prevailing Over Parkinsons The bodyweight-supported treadmill we use allows comfortable unweighting with air to decrease the ground reaction forces while providing stability and safety.

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The CENTER specializes in the failed patient, or the patient that has been everywhere else, and just cannot improve.

Our programs include:

The CENTER specializes in providing comprehensive outpatient rehabilitation services. Our main goal is restoration of maximum function to daily activities, whether it is work, family, or sports.

The CENTER focuses on movement dysfunction, which is comprised of 4 distinct elements:

  1. The muscular and skeletal systems.
  2. The patterns and characteristics of muscle activation, which are controlled by the nervous system.
  3. Static and dynamic forces which impact these systems.
  4. The support elements to these systems, which are cardiac, pulmonary, and metabolic systems.

Without all of these systems working in dynamic harmony, movement dysfunction occurs, and injury results.

The CENTER is HIPAA compliant. Another major strength of The CENTER is our communication with our referring physician and other involved entities. Patients are seen within 24 hours of referral, unless patient or physician related concerns impact scheduling.

The CENTER is Medicare certified.

9175 S. Yale Ave., #120
Tulsa, OK

10512 N. 110th E. Ave, #150
Owasso, OK

4140 SE Adams Rd., #101
Bartlesville, OK

The Center is partnered with several home health agencies and cover a wide area of North-eastern Oklahoma

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