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Prevailing Over Parkinson's

Prevailing Over Parkinsons The bodyweight-supported treadmill we use allows comfortable unweighting with air to decrease the ground reaction forces while providing stability and safety.

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"When I came into The Center for Physical Therapy at Tall Grass estates I was greeted with friendly physical therapists that eased my scared feeling. But Mike Strakal knew how to be gentle and easy with my limitations. I would recommend anyone here at Tall Grass estates to come here for physical therapy because they are the best. And now I have no pain in my hip."

Mavis Bacon
Tall Grass Resident

"From the time I walked in the doors to the Center, there was always a positive environment! The therapists and staff worked so hard at getting me back up on my feet and were so patient when it hurt. The willingness to make you happy and so positive made me comfortable to come back. Being able to work with the Owasso staff has changed my life so much! I was so excited that I came back after a procedure, not being able to fully weight bear for weeks, and Mike telling me to look over in the corner. They just got in the Alter-G Treadmill and he explained it to me and was so excited to get me in it:) Needless to say I was able to start walking at 20% of my body weight and gradually continue up from there. If it wasn't for the hard work from these amazing people working constantly to find news ways to treat patients, I would have had a hard time beginning to walk. If I had someone come up to me and ask me who I recommend for physical therapy, I wouldn't have to even think another second about who to recommend because The Center For Physical Therapy will always be the place! I don't think I could express how much I appreciate the amazing work you guys do! You will always be on my mind when I am working out and I wouldn't have come this far without all of you!"

Much Love,
Jessica Payne

"I was a patient through three surgeries at the GREAT facility. The staff of The Center for Physical Therapy is among the best if not the best in the business. They are very well trained, very interested in the patient, very knowledgeable in all parts of the equipment used in The Center, and always have a smile on their faces. While I was hurting a lot at first, these people got the hurt, for the most part, gone in a short time. After that, the time was spent strengthening the muscles to make them useful again. They went well beyond my expectations in getting me back on the street. I am so amazed at their abilities to do their jobs. I was in rehab two times before and, while those people were good, these people are great. Should I have a need for this type of service again, I will most certainly go back to The Center for Physical Therapy and Hand Rehabilitation in Bartlesville. My compliments to Dana, Amanda, Debbie, April and Brandi for their fine handling of my rehabilitation."

Thank you,
Joe Slack

"Had a sharp pain that started on my right thumb and ran up my right arm. After Genie Strakal fitted the splints on my wrist. The pain was almost all gone after 3 days and because we started Physical Therapy so soon I was able to prevent my left from hurting. After 6 weeks I have no pain like I use to have; only when my arthritis acts up. My swelling has even decreased which is a wonderful improvement for a 94 year old."

Gertrude Hughey
Tall Grass Resident

9175 S. Yale Ave., #120
Tulsa, OK

10512 N. 110th E. Ave, #150
Owasso, OK

4140 SE Adams Rd., #101
Bartlesville, OK

The Center is partnered with several home health agencies and cover a wide area of North-eastern Oklahoma

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